Top Tips for Running a Successful Cocktail Lounge in Inland Empire

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  • June 13th, 2017
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Becoming a proud owner of a successful brewery or bar is a dream for many business owners who adore the combination of night life, business, and friendliness. The bar business appeals to entrepreneurs for a number of reasons, including its high-end returns, continuous cash flow, and easy & fascinating nature of the job.

However, running a successful cocktail lounge in Inland Empire, CA is a challenge and goes far beyond than just keeping customers’ glasses full and persistently quenching their thirst. To put it another way, apart from serving exotic drinks and delicious foods, there are many other aspects that need to be dealt with when it comes to running a restaurant business.

In this particular blog, we’ll discuss ‘How to run a successful cocktail lounge in Inland Empire, CA. Whether you own a brewery, cocktail lounge, nightclub, restaurant, or a neighborhood taproom, in this blog, you’ll get to know about all the essential things that make a restaurant successful.

From eye-catchy menu and well-trained staff to advertising, here are 3 smart tips to help keep your bar business efficient, competitive, and profitable.

Tip #1: Create an eye-catchy menu & set the right prices

A well-designed menu with the logo of your brand not only appeals aesthetically to your customers, but also drives your average ticket up. It conveys your restaurant’s style and approach, and ultimately entices customers to place an order, thus helping you achieve your underlying business goals. When it comes to creating a menu for your restaurant, it’s always recommended to understand the market and stay at tuned to the popular trends & products that your competitors offer. Also, it’s advisable to keep the prices reasonable without dampening the quality of the products. That is to say, both food and drinks should be in line with the overall customer experience.

Tip #2: Hire top-notch staff & train them to up sell

No matter what business you own, it’s absolutely essential to hire friendly, reliable, and professional-looking staff if you want to achieve lasting success. Once you hire the right set of people for your restaurant, the next step is to make them behave & look sophisticated. Having said that, it’s always recommended that as a restaurant owner, you should have proper branding on your employee uniforms (for waiters, chefs, bartenders, and kitchen staff). This gives your restaurant an upmarket feel and leaves a long-lasting impression on your customers. Also, it is advisable to train your staff to up sell, as it can help you skyrocket your profit margins, and therefore, improve your bottom line.

Tip #3: Host profitable promotions & market your services

As a restaurant owner, promoting your products and services should be your top-most priority. And the best way to do that is by hosting special events & activities (Live Music, Game Nights, Raffles, Dancing, Girls Night, Bachelors Night, Pool & Darts, etc.) that are relevant to your clientele, which helps you bring in new patrons and keep the regular ones interested and engaged. Moreover, you can cover all these events with a well-organized promotion. Some of the most effective ways of promoting bar events are Signs and Boards, Magazines and Newspapers, Flyers, Television Ads, Posters, Word of Mouth, as well as through the Internet (Online Promotion through company website and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.)

No matter how you choose to go about cementing the success of your restaurant, don’t forget to include these key tips in your game plan. This will not only help increase your revenue, but also ensure that you have a happy customer base.

As glorious it may seem from outside, running a cocktail lounge in Inland Empire, CA is one of the most tedious businesses out there, with considerably higher risks and costs. Therefore, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the business prior to making any investments.

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