Experience the difference of fine dining this Halloween, at Magic Lamp Inn!

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  • October 13th, 2016
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The Halloween countdown has begun – time to make yours the merriest.Keep calm because the scariest night of the year is about to creep up on us, soon. No doubt, there are so many different ways to celebrate Halloween, but romantic dining has always been a longtime favorite. Nothing is more romantic than planning a special dinner at a restaurant, where you are familiar with the staff members whom you know will definitely create a memorable and romantic evening for you and your loved one.

With Halloween approaching quickly, it’s time to book your table in advance at Magic Lamp – one of the premium restaurants in Inland Empire – for a fine dining experience along with a Halloween fiesta on the spookiest night of the year. We’ll glam up your table for your elegant Halloween party dinner and provide you with an exclusive selection of food and drinks in order to make your night truly unforgettable.


Magic Lamp – The Ultimate Getaway Destination
If you really want to treat your belove done special, then celebrating Halloween at Magic Lamp is truly going to be a cut above the rest. At Magic Lamp Inn, we believe that every night is the perfect occasion for fine dining as we know exactly what it takes to create a unique dining experience. Things that make us one of the finest in the region includes fine dining atmosphere, best food and drinks in town, and top-notch service.
Allow us to reignite the spark in your relationship this Halloween with our one-of-a-kind services.

Delicious Food
The focal point of any restaurant is obviously, its food. People always prefer picking the restaurants based on the quality of the food they serve. At Magic Lamp, we truly care about your desires and that’s the reason behind providing you with a full-fledged menu encompassing sizzling and delicious dishes likePan Roasted Chicken, Chicken Di Angelo, Top Sirloin, Flat Iron Steak, New York Steak, Surf & Turf, Chicken Normandy, Filet Mignon, Beef Stroganoff, Pasta Primavera, and many more. To add a little surf to your turf, we delight you with some of our best mouth-watering desserts – ensuring you keep coming back for more. Also, we have collected some imported wines from around the globe – serving as the perfect addition to any meal.


Spectacular Service
When you choose a restaurant, the first thing you notice is the service. No matter how delicious the food is, if not served in a timely, attentive and composed fashion, it isn’t worth it. People won’t remember how appetizing the meal was, but instead how awful the service was. The only thing you’ll remember is – the way you were welcomed with a pleasant smile and soft words to comfort your arrival and then escorted to your reserved table in a graceful manner. At Magic Lamp, we make our customers feel special with our unmatchable customer service in an attempt to create a perfect dining experience for our customers.

Admirable Atmosphere
No fine-dining experience is complete without a warm, alluring, and exhilarating atmosphere blended with appetizing food and first class service. Depending upon the occasion, we organize everything right from the word go – strict dress codes, pleasant music, luxurious dining halls – making sure that you aren’t just paying for the meal, but also to enjoy everything from your arrival till the end of your evening.

Make a reservation today and turn your Halloween into a living fantasy!
Schedule a reservation today at Magic Lamp to enjoy delicious food, romantic ambiance, and a truly memorable experience together. Book your table today!

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