3 Tantalizing Steakhouse Secrets that You’re Most Likely Not Aware Of

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  • May 26th, 2017
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Let’s not deny the fact that there’s no fine dining experience quite like the one you’ll have in a steakhouse. In a world where most restaurants tend to skew towards being pricey and intricate, having a big slice of perfectly seared steak for dinner can make for a much-appreciated change of pace.

If you happen to be a serious steak lover living in California, US,then you must know that there are countless steakhouses located in Rancho Cucamonga and nearby cities,where you can go and give a free reign to your taste buds while eating the kind of steak that your revere the most. Well, if that the case, then you must have realized by now that each steakhouse located in Rancho Cucamonga has its unique peculiarity.

But have you ever wondered how exactly the chefs of these high-end steakhouses consistently produce steaks that are so impeccably delicious and unpretentious? And why does it seem nearly impossible to prepare a steak of such quality at home?

There are a few reasons why it’s not easy to cook a steak at home that replicates to the one that is served at your local steakhouse. You’ll be surprised to know that just about every step of the process (except for the fact that the steak is being cooked in both cases) is different, from the meat quality to cooking technique, seasoning, ingredients used, temperature control, time management, and the manner in which it’s presented.

There are a few things that go beyond these considerations when it comes to cooking a perfect steak.

Let’s make it easy for you!

Here are some tantalizing steakhouse secrets only the experts know:

Infrared Broilers Are the Key

Where some steakhouse chefs prefer grilling their steaks, others use infrared broilers for cooking. The best part of using infrared broilers is that they can super heat large surfaces to an even temperature. Many premium steakhouses like Magic Lamp Inn, depend primarily on infrared broilers to roast their steaks, and this skill is quite difficult to master. That’s the reason why the end result is always of far superior quality as compared to the one you make at home.

USDA Prime Steak Is the Highest Graded Beef

There’s no denying the fact that the best steakhouses around the world serve the best grades of beef, both in terms of quality and price. But did you know that the meat quality they use is way higher than ninety-eight percent of the remaining beef available out there. Yes, you heard it right! That top grade beef is called USDA Prime, which is exclusively served in sumptuous hotels and steakhouses. It has the highest quality of marbling and intramuscular fat, and that’s what makes it the most succulent steaks out there. The second and third high-quality piece of meat followed by USDA Prime is Choice and Select. Certainly, a reputable steakhouse will always tend to offer Prime (and sometimes Choice) steak.

The Tried And True Secret of Aged Beef 

Only the finest steakhouses and restaurants serve steak after optimizing the flavor of the meat through special aging processes. Supermarkets and local meat shops generally do not purchase aged beef, and that’s the reason why their beef is not as tender as it should be. Usually, all fresh beef is aged for at least a few days, which allows the natural enzymes present in the meat to break down, thus making the steak more tender and flavorful.

Generally, there are two types of aged meat, namely wet-aged and dry-aged. The biggest difference between these two kinds of beef is their flavor. Where dry-aged beef is said to have a roasted, nutty flavor, wet-aged beef can taste slightly metallic and lacks the same depth of flavor. And that is why dry-aged beef is preferred more than its counterpart, i.e. wet-aged beef.

These are just a few things that go on behind the scenes at great steakhouses, which you might not have realized before.

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